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The Goal of this site is to be an Information site about Linear Regulated Power Supplies. It will also be one persons views on how to find the parts and assemble DC Power Supplies for the Hobbyist who wants to learn how to build and "Tinker".

All this information used to be under kbt-dc-supplies.

There are several useful pages to this site. If you have a request, to see something else made available here, please drop us an eMail and we will be glad to provide it. This site is forever changing with additions. Please drop in and run through the pages on a regular basis.

Feed back is welcomed. Just click on the eMail icon near the bottom of every page. Please feel free to make suggestions as to what You might want to read about Linear Regulated DC Voltage Power Supplies.

There are some tutorials associated with this web site. They are one persons views on trouble shooting and fixing a power supply. Primitive as the methods are described, they have worked successfully for over 30 years for the author. We hope you enjoy this site. Drop us an eMail if there is something more that you would like to see here.

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