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Voltage Regulators

723 14 pin IC voltage regulator

There are many different voltage regulators. Some are 3 pin tab types like the 317T, 78xx series which are positive voltage regulators. Where xx is the desired voltage. 79xx are the negative regulators. Or my favorite: LM or UA 723 14 pin dip. There are also some in the TO-3 case too. I can't remember their numbers at this time. Oh yes, the 350K. The 3 pin tab regulator circuit is probably the most simple to build. There needs to be only 3 more volts that you want to regulate with these. The LM 723 14 pin dip voltage regulator needs 5 more volts, minimum, than what your end regulated voltage is to be.

A lot of the writings here will pertain to the 723 voltage regulator because it has been my favorite and has worked well for me. It can be made to regulate voltage and current(amps). It will "fold back" the voltage when the current reaches a predetermined value. I have built 100 plus amp. power supplies that held voltage regulation within .2 volts at fully rated and set current at the output. 100 plus amps at 13.8 volts can be used to weld metal with a 7018 DC stick. With 1/8 inch rod. I've done it.

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